:: Country Fiddling for Four Violins

 Country Fiddling for Four Violins
دسته بندی: کتابهای ویولن
ناشر: Mel Bay
وضعیت: موجود
تعداد صفحه: 36
  • جهت استعلام قیمت، خرید و مشاهده نمونه صفحه محصول، لطفاً از طریق پشتیبانی فروشگاه در واتساپ و تلگرام اقدام فرمایید.

    by Burton Isaac
    Country Fiddle for Four Violins is a collection of interesting and favorite fiddle tunes. Each of the pieces may be played as a violin solo, violin duet, trio, or quartet. These selections should be ideal for use in the classroom, for festivals, and for use on stage by country and bluegrass bands. A guitar, banjo or mandolin would make an ideal substitute for any missing violin parts.
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