:: Quicklessons Piano Course - Learn to Play Piano by Ear! - 3DVD

Quicklessons Piano Course - Learn to Play Piano by Ear! - 3DVD
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    With over 8 hours of high-quality piano lessons, Quicklessons is one of the most exhaustive piano courses on Udemy. Perfect for beginner and intermediate students, this course is taught by award-winning composer/pianist Ozie Cargile.

    These tutorials will focus on the skills needed to write and improvise your own music. Each lesson is clear and concise, shown from an up-close point of view so that you can easily see everything the instructor is doing.

    With daily practice, you’ll learn all the scales and chords for every key, and the music theory behind them so that you can quickly put great melodies and harmonies together.

    You’ll even learn to read charts while studying a variety of chord progressions from popular music genres including Rock, Pop, RnB, Hip Hop, Classical, Gospel and Jazz. This combined with ear-training sessions and tips for singer/songwriters makes Quicklessons the best online course for learning how to play like a pro in no time.

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