:: Take Your Double Bass Drum Technique To The Next Level 2DVD

Take Your Double Bass Drum Technique To The Next Level 2DVD
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    Learn hundreds of double bass drum rhythms, drum rudiments with the feet, and much more with the heel toe technique! ...

    In this course we will start by approaching the heel toe technique. A technique that has been, in my opinion, underappreciated and underused in the drumming world. First, let’s shed some light on several misconceptions that surround this technique, the ones contributing to having it misinterpreted and, consequently, underused and even ignored. Then, we will learn the technique step by step, details after details and I will present solutions to potential problems.

    After that, we are going to step into the preliminary exercises section, which will allow you to give the first steps with the above-mentioned technique, whilst learning how to assimilate that in a rhythmic-musical context. In the following section, you will learn how to blend that technique within a string of exercises based on sixteenth notes. For each exercise we will learn 4 different rhythms/grooves. Then, we will move on to a section that includes a very similar group of exercises, but whose foundation consists of eighth note triplets. Last but not least, we will have the section which I believe is the favorite of many of you… the rudiments section! In it you will learn to do those with double bass drum and you will assimilate them in 4 rhythms/grooves, like in the previous sections. After all this you will be able to create your own rhythms and even perform a double bass drum solo! You just need to let your imagination and creativity flow!...

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