:: Learn To Play Drums: The Complete Drum Method Volume 2 + CD

Learn To Play Drums: The Complete Drum Method Volume 2 + CD
دسته بندی: كتاب و متدهای درام،پرکاشن (Drum Percussion Book)
ناشر: FC
وضعیت: موجود
قیمت: 200,000 تومان

  • Audio CD Included
    Number Of Pages:160
    The Complete Drum Method: Discover Bass Drum Patterns, Two-hand Accents, Displacements, Triplets & Ride Lines
    The second book in a comprehensive guide to playing the drums for beginners

    A complete guide to the fundamental techniques and beats of playing drums
    Master heel-up bass drum technique and 1/16th note patterns,
    Discover the three essential grip variations and what you can do with them
    Learn displacement patterns to improve your groove
    Play advanced open and accented hi-hat patterns
    Dominate velocity control on drums

    A Complete Modern Drum Method

    Are you looking for a meaningful drum method that grows with you?
    Do you need a comprehensive series of lessons from a professional drummer?
    Do you want to build the fundamentals of drumming into powerful music and grooves?
    Do you want to develop the skills to express yourself on the drums?

    Learn to Play Drums goes way beyond every other ‘boring’ text book to teach you perfect drum technique... from the ground up.
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