:: Building a 12 Key Facility for the Jazz Bassist

Building a 12 Key Facility for the Jazz Bassist
دسته بندی: کتاب و متدهای ویولنسل و کنترباس (Violoncello Contrabbasso Book)
ناشر: Waterfall Publishing House
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    در صورت نیاز با ما تماس بگیرید
     by Steven Mooney
    Methods for Practicing Scales, Modes & Arpeggios
    Building a 12 key Facility for the Jazz Bassist Pt. II - Methods for practicing scales, modes &
    While Building a 12 key Facility Pt. I Book IV in the "Constructing Walking Jazz Bass
    Lines " series for the upright & electric bassist focuses on practicing jazz standard and
    bebop chord progressions in 12 keys, a task practised rigorously by the masters of the jazz
    Building a 12 key Facility Pt. II Book V in the "Constructing Walking Jazz Bass Lines"
    series outlines the various approaches used to build instrumental facility through the study
    of scales, modes and arpeggios.
    Included are the Major and Melodic minor scales, arpeggios and modes in 12 keys,
    Bebop scales, Blues scales, Major and Minor pentatonic scales and the Harmonic minor scale
    all in 12 keys.
    Also included are the symmetric scales : Whole tone, Diminished & Augmented scales in
    triad and 7th chord formations.
    Incorporating these techniques into the daily practice routine will solidify the core
    foundational structures required for the improvising musician of all genres.
    Scale studies are utilised by the bassist to learn harmony and instrumental facility while
    building dexterity, flexibilty and stamina.
    The 12 key exercise drills in this book are used as an aid to building muscle memory and training the ear.

    An excellent resource of information for bass players and music teachers of all levels
    Practicing scales and having a dedicated daily practice routine are at the core of
    professional musicians worldwide”

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