:: Smart Violin Method Book Three

Smart Violin Method Book Three
دسته بندی: كتاب و متدهای ويولن (Violin Book)
ناشر: Sandy Herrault
وضعیت: موجود
قیمت: 67,000 تومان

  • Number Of Pages:35

    By Sandy Herrault

    Smart Violin Method Book Three is a compilation of 19 well-known and new solos for violin.  The book contains arrangements of European, Gypsy, Celtic, and Traditional music, as well as 4 original compositions by Sandy Herrault.  The pieces can be used to supplement violin method books, providing additional repertoire for learning technique or as a solo performance-ready material for the intermediate violinist.  Titles include;Russian Sailor's Dance, Mazurka, Chosen Kale Mazel Tov and more.

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