:: Jazz, The Language of Music - For Guitar

Jazz, The Language of Music - For Guitar
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  • By Tony Benade

    Number Of Pages:185

    Jazz, The Language of Music is a comprehensive study that is presented in three parts. Each section contains the essential elements the student of jazz must know which are The Fundamentals of Jazz Theory,”“Common Chord Progressions of Jazz Standards” and “Creating Jazz Phrases.” This is for the individual who is very serious about learning the art of improvising. It begins with the necessary musical theory needed to play jazz followed by the common chord progressions that would  be encountered in the jazz standards. And finally, the actual process of creating jazz phrases.

    This method was created by a jazz musician who has performed and studied jazz for many years. It is a study that may take some time but if you wish to learn this subject in a manner in which it was performed by the jazz greats of yesteryear, then you must dedicate yourself  to the task at hand. Achieving your goal will depend on how much you put into your effort.

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