:: Latinas for Two + CD

Latinas for Two + CD
دسته بندی: كتابهاي گيتار کلاسیک (Classical Guitar Book)
ناشر: Mel Bay
وضعیت: موجود
قیمت: 68,000 تومان

  • Audio CD Included
    Number Of Pages:44

    by Alfonso Montes

    This is the follow-up to the successful Latinitas for Solo Guitar. (Product Number: 20995BCDEB Mel Bay Publications.) Some of the best-known Latin American rhythms are included in this collection which is carefully graded for intermediate level performance. The most natural way of making music is having the accompaniment independent from the melody, so both parts can be played with full expression and attention to nuances. Also, in Latin American music the second guitar plays some very attractive but sometimes complex rhythms. Therefore, having the two parts separated makes it possible to play this music with more accuracy and enjoyment. Latinas for Two, in addition to presenting beautiful melodies and captivating rhythms, should provide guitarists of all ages with a fantastic trip through the sensual South-American world of music! ...

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