:: Charlie Musselwhite/Power Blues Harp + CD

Charlie Musselwhite/Power Blues Harp + CD
دسته بندی: کتاب و متدهای ساز دهنی (Harmonica Book)
ناشر: Mel Bay
وضعیت: موجود
قیمت: 73,000 تومان

  • Audio CD Included
    Number Of Pages:94

    by Charlie Musselwhite & Phil Duncan

    This book is designed for those who play diatonic or chromatic harmonica or both. Whether you are a beginner or intermediate player, each chapter presents a new and distinct learning experience. The chapters may be approached in sequence or in a haphazard fashion, without even completing a given chapter - as long as a particular sequences of exercises is completed within that chapter. All tunes and exercises are shown in both standard notation and harmonica tablature.

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