:: Mauro Giuliani: 120 Arpeggio Studies Book + DVD

Mauro Giuliani: 120 Arpeggio Studies Book + DVD
دسته بندی: كتابهاي گيتار کلاسیک (Classical Guitar Book)
ناشر: Edizioni
وضعیت: موجود
قیمت: 76,000 تومان

  • Book + DVD Video

    Note + Tablature
    Number Of Pages:38

    کتاب همراه با دی وی دی تصویری نت تب

    This unique series features a collection of the most famous pieces from the classical guitar repertoire, and includes music scores, tablature and accompanying online video. Great care has been taken to verify the fingerings of both hands in the material. Innovative tablature combines left-hand finger positions with rhythmic notation, allowing the reader to tackle very complex musical repertoire and polyphony. Therefore, this system provides an opportunity for anyone to learn pieces from these great composers, regardless of reading ability. Includes access to online video."Mauro Giuliani: 120 Arpeggio Studies" presents one of the best methods for developing excellent right-hand finger technique. Mastering these studies will improve your guitar playing across many musical styles.

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