:: The Essential Collection: Schumann Gold + CD

The Essential Collection: Schumann Gold + CD
دسته بندی: كتاب و متدهای پيانو ، کیبورد و اپرا (Piano Keyboard Book)
ناشر: Chester Music
وضعیت: موجود
قیمت: 102,000 تومان

  • Audio CD Included
    مجموعه ای منتخب از آثار شومان برای پیانو همراه با سی دی صوتی

    This fine selection features the most famous masterpieces by Robert Schumann, containing both sheet music and full audio on CD.

    Includes selections from 'Album For The Young' and 'Scenes from Childhood', three of the 'Davidsbundler' and several more beautiful pieces of music.


        Sonata For Children (Sonata For The Young)
        The Wild Horseman Op.68 No.8 (Album For The Young)
        The Reaper's Song (Album For The Young)
        Friendly Landscape (Forest Scenes)
        Warum? (Why?) Op.12 No.3 [Schumann, Robert]
        March (Coloured Leaves)
        Ich Grolle Nicht (Dichterliebe)
        Widmung (Myrthen)
        Phantasietanz (Album Leaves)
        An Die Sterne
        Child Falling Asleep (Scenes From Childhood)
        Chopin (Carnaval)
        Stille Thranen (12 Gedichte)
        Romanze (Imaginary Pictures)
        Er Und Sie

        Piece No.1 (Night Pieces)
        Im Wunderschonen Monat Mai (Dichterliebe)
        Un Poco Adagio (String Quartet In A Major)
        Romanze (Album Leaves)
        Little Study (Album For The Young)
        Ich Will Meine Seele Tauchen (Dichterliebe)
        Chiarina (Carnaval)
        Novellette (Coloured Leaves)
        Mit Humour (Davidsbundler)
        Adagio Espressivo (Symphony No.2 In C Major)
        Innig (Davidsbundler)
        Theme With Variations (Sonata For The Young)
        Theme In E Flat Major
        Lebhaft (Davidsbundler)
        Molto Lento (Album For The Young)

        The Happy Farmer Op.68 No.10 (Album For The Young) [Schumann, Robert]
        Du Bist Wie Eine Blume (Myrthen)
        Lied Ohne Ende (Album Leaves)
        Andante Cantabile (Piano Quartet In E Flat Major)
        From Foreign Lands And People (Scenes From Childhood)
        Traumerei (Kinderscenen) Op.15 No.7

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