:: Classical Repertoire for Viola - Volume 1

Classical Repertoire for Viola - Volume 1
دسته بندی: كتاب و متدهای ويولا (Viola Book)
ناشر: Mel Bay
وضعیت: موجود
قیمت: 127,000 تومان

  • Solo Part And Piano Accompaniment Part
    Number Of Pages:149

    Great performers have proven that the viola can be successfully used for playing not only classic music, but also symphonic or chamber music from the classical, romantic or modern 36 period just as well as any other musical instrument. No longer is the contemporary repertoire considered unfit for the viola. This collection contains music which has been adapted and arranged especially for the viola. Ideal for the beginning player, it focuses on simple, well known melodies which are both easy and enjoyable. The arranger has carefully chosen the best keys for viola and therefore many songs are not in the keys in which they were originally written. A number of other adaptations have also been introduced to make the music more suitable for performance on the viola. The structure of the music has not been altered. The selections in the beginning of this book use more the treble clef than alto clef, making them easier for beginners and violinists transferring to viola.

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