:: Eddie Lang’s Fingerboard Harmony for Guitar

Eddie Lang’s Fingerboard Harmony for Guitar
دسته بندی: کتابهای جیپسی جز گیتار ( Gypsy Jazz Guitar Book)
ناشر: Robbins
وضعیت: موجود
قیمت: 63,500 تومان

  • Eddie Lang (1902-1933) was the world's first great jazz guitarist. He's one of the few guitarists who can claim to have had a significant influence on Django Reinhardt. Lang's brilliant chordal work laid the foundation for jazz guitar. Also, he was arguably the first jazz guitar soloist. His influence is clearly present in many of the guitarists who came after him: Django, Charlie Christian, etc.

    Eddie Lang's Fingerboard Harmony for Guitar documents Lang's incredible fret board knowledge. It includes hundreds of examples of his chord shapes, fingerings, and reharmonization techniques. An invaluable resource for any guitarist, especially one trying to emulate Lang's brilliant chordal work. This highly organized and well thought out book uses a teaching system that simultaneously incorporates the strengths of "eye-minded," "ear-minded," and "motor-minded" students . Includes chord diagrams and fingerings. 103 p.

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