:: Bill Evans' The Language of Improvisation DVD

Bill Evans' The Language of Improvisation DVD
دسته بندی: محصولات تصویری ساکسفون (Saxophone DVD Movie )
ناشر: TrueFire
وضعیت: موجود
قیمت: 63,000 تومان

  • DVD Movie

    شرکت TrueFire یکی از برترین تولید کننده های آموزشی موسیقی در دنیا می باشد که با کمک گرفتن از اساتید برجسته، یادگیری موسیقی را به صورت اصولی و تکنیکی برای شما مهیا می سازد. آموزش بسیار روان و مفهومی، و همچنین همکاری با اساتید با سابقه که اکثرا تجربه سالها همکاری با گروه ها و خوانندگان بزرگ دنیا را دارند، باعث رضایت میلیون ها کاربر در سر تا سر دنیا شده است. آموزشی های این شرکت به صورت نرم افزاری مولتی مدیا می باشند، به این شکل که بنا به نیازهای پروژه آموزش داده شده فایل های ویدیو، فایل های صوتی، PDF ها، در صورت نیاز فایل های آماده گیتار پرو یا نرم افزار مربوطه موجود می باشند.

    ویدیو معرفی این محصول از لینک زیر قابل مشاهده می باشد

    ویدیوی معرفی محصول

    Essential insight and intuitive approaches for any improv musician

    Mentoring moves music forward. Son House mentored Robert Johnson. Buddy Guy mentored Eric Clapton. Wes Montgomery was mentor to George Benson. Dennis Sandole to Coltrane. Joe Henderson to Chick Corea. Miles Davis to Quincy Jones to name just one. Mentor and protege -- the lifeblood of music. Lessons learned and insight gleaned from experience is passed from player to player, from generation to generation. Sure, we should all be so lucky to connect with the quality of mentoring as mentioned above. Well, dear friends of the 'Fire... today happens to be your lucky day.

    It certainly was our lucky day when we first met saxophonist Bill Evans. Bill's musical pedigree is impeccable; joined Miles Davis at the age of 22 and recorded six records with him; three albums with John McLaughlin and the Mahavishnu Orchestra; 19 solo albums spanning all styles of music; ample Grammy nominations; co-led bands with many top guitarists including Mike Stern and Robben Ford; and many widely acclaimed projects with Herbie Hancock, Lee Ritenour, Dave Grusin, Willie Nelson, Bela Fleck, Mick Jagger, Allman Brothers, John Scofield, Carlos Santana and so many other major league artists. If you listen to jazz, rock, soul, funk, hip-hop, reggae or fusion music... your ear has been tickled countless times by his searing sax solos.

    Much to our delight Bill's extraordinary musicality is complimented with a passion and gift for education. His standing-room only master classes on musicianship and the Language of Improvisation are mesmerizing learning experiences for students across all instruments, styles and levels. Bill has mentored many players over the years but now, thanks to his willingness to lay it all down in this interactive video format, we can all become his proteges.

    This is NOT a saxophone course per se. Matters not what instrument you play -- The Language of Improvisation imparts a wisdom and attitude that will benefit any musician, at any stage in their development. Bill's tutorials, examples and demonstrations not only clearly define the improvisational process, they guide you down an accelerated learning path free of tedious theory and exercises. Your level of understanding and your improvisational abilities will be lifted within the first fifteen minutes of digging into the course.

    Bill covers a lot of territory in The Language of Improvisation; why Bebop is so fundamental to improvisation, how to learn to listen, how to build your vocabulary, the 2-5-1 and why its pivotal for all styles, how to tell a story with your solos, best practices for building solos, modal improvisation, intonation, the bandleader's perspective, swing, dynamics, practicing tips and much more.

    All of the concepts that Bill presents in the course are illustrated with bebop, jazz, funk, soul and blues playing examples. Bill also includes several playalongs during which you will trade phrases and solos with Bill as you put his teachings to work in a musical context. All of the examples and playalongs are performed over killer rhythm tracks that are also included in the course. Plus, all of the good stuff is transcribed, notated and even tabbed for guitar players.

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