:: Jazz Standards For Fingerstyle Ukulele

Jazz Standards For Fingerstyle Ukulele
دسته بندی: کتاب و متدهای Ukulele (گیتار کوچک )
ناشر: Hal Leonard
وضعیت: موجود
قیمت: 68,000 تومان

  • by Alexandr Nilov
    TAB + Chord

    Hello! My name is Alexandr Nilov. I have been teaching how to play the guitar for more than ten years. Four years ago I discovered the ukulele. I didn't take this small guitar seriously at first, but the more I practiced, the more I opened up unique resources of this instrument.

             Yes, a ukulele doesn't have the colorful timbre of a sax, the deep low sound of a double-bass or devastating strength of an electric guitar. But if you start playing the familiar melody, a whole band or even a symphony orchestra will start sounding in your imagination.

             This collection will be useful for newcomers and for professional musicians as well. All musical compositions are written in three variants according to the complexity and are not big (one or two pages long). It is very important to choose small musical compositions if you learn how to play.

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