:: Supplemental Practice Alternatives for Trumpet

Supplemental Practice Alternatives for Trumpet
دسته بندی: کتاب و متدهای ترومپت (Trumpet Book)
ناشر: CDM
وضعیت: موجود
قیمت: 59,000 تومان

  • Number Of Pages:38

    Supplemental Practice Alternatives is an innovative collection of alternative practice approaches designed to improve and stabilize essential trumpet performance skills that was developed over four decades of teaching ambitious trumpeters at all levels. These alternative practice approaches provide practical and proven exercises for advancing and mastering crucial aspects of trumpet performance: First and Third-Valve Slide Intonation Control; Single and Multiple-Tonguing Consistency Development; Range Expansion Tone Control; Lip Trill and Shake Development; Long-Tone Studies Using Basic Triad and 7th Chord Modes; Developing Quick Modal Transitioning Capability Between Basic Scales (major, minors, whole tone, chromatic); Review of Supplemental Scales Frequently Encountered (whole tone, blues, pentatonic); Advancing Fingering Coordination with emphasis on third-finger control; and two helpful supplements - a review of Common Italian terms Categorized into Meaningful Genres and 25 Practice Suggestions passed on by generations of successful musicians.

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