:: Smart Violin Method Book Two

Smart Violin Method Book Two
دسته بندی: كتاب و متدهای ويولن (Violin Book)
ناشر: Sandy Herrault
وضعیت: موجود
قیمت: 67,000 تومان

  • Number Of Pages:31

    By Sandy Herrault

    Smart Violin Method Book Two is a book for the advanced beginner violin student.  It has 21 original compositions that make practicing fun at the same time as developing basic skills. All material is original and can be performed without accompaniment with titles such as, "The Gypsy's Red Scarf', 'The Dutch Girl', and 'Second Fiddle'.  This books works well with Suzuki Book Two and other method books.  This book will enhance the student's ability to read music and build technique.

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