:: Making Master Guitars

Making Master Guitars
دسته بندی: كتابهاي گيتار کلاسیک (Classical Guitar Book)
ناشر: Robert Hale
وضعیت: موجود
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  • کتابی جامع در مورد ساخت گیتار کلاسیک

    بنا به تعداد بالای صفحات و همچنین تعداد بالای عکس ها نسبت به کتابهای معمولی... و متغیر بودن قیمت چاپ و غیره در صورت نیاز با ما تماس بگیرید

    by Roy Courtnall

    293 Page

    Making Master Guitars is a craftsman's handbook about the exciting and challenging pursuit of making classical guitars—a craft that the author reveals to be surprisingly accessible by following his instructions. The book is unique in that it includes nine separate detailed plans of instruments constructed by internationally famous guitar-makers. The author has had the rare opportunity of examining these instruments in detail, and has made many replicas of each one. It is presented in three parts: "The Master Makers and Their Guitars," "Workshop, Tools, and Materials," and "Guitar Construction—The Spanish Method."

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